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Rachel Berry, 20. Living in LA with my husband, Noah Puckerman, and my daughter Claire.

Child Services|| Puckleberry

Rachel was very strongly considering keeping Claire home, but she knew the girl would have to go to daycare, she and Puck had errands to run, and school. So that morning, she very hesitantly carried the girl across the street to the daycare center. Getting ready that morning had been hectic, and Claire was fussy. Once she got there, she explained to her teacher what happened, and the woman nodded. “It happens, kids get hurt, but Claire’s going to be just fine, isn’t that right little one?” Claire nodded. “Bye mommy!” She said, wiggling to get down. Rachel left, and returned home. 

Later that day, Jesse had decided he wanted to see the little girl again. He knew it would be risky, he wasn’t supposed to see her without Puck or Rachel, but frankly, he didn’t care. She was his daughter, and had only seen her that once. When he arrived at the daycare, they were all outside for recess. It was a little chilly, but the kids were all running around, like nothing. Jesse talked to the woman in the front. “I’m Claire’s dad.” He said. “Are you here for pick up?” She asked, bored. “No, just for a quick visit.” He smiled, flashing his St. James smile. “Go ahead.” He went out to the playground, and saw Claire running around, with a few other kids. “Hey, Claire!” Jesse said. Claire turned around, and smiled. “Hi, Jesse!” 

He kneeled down to her height, and looked at her face. “Where’d you get the black eye, Claire?” He asked. “Oh, daddy and I were playing football, and the football hit my face. It was an accident, daddy forgot I’m tiny.” She said, nodding. Jesse raised an eyebrow, and stood up. “I see, well, you go have fun with your friends okay? I’ll see you later…” He said. “Bye, Jesse!” Claire said, running back. 

That evening, Jesse made a phone call, to child services. Then he called Rachel. “Hey, I was passing by the daycare today, and I saw Claire…. I’m a bit concerned about her face… So I called child services.. I’ll talk to you later Rach.” He said, not giving her the chance to say anything else. This would get him Claire in a heartbeat if they thought Rachel and Puck were unfit parents. 

Rachel hung up the phone and faced Puck who just walked in the door. “We have a problem.” 

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